Cloud 9 Software has rebranded the recently acquired ToothFairy customer experience solution as Cloud 9 Ignite.

Cloud 9 Software, a provider of cloud-based practice management systems for orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and dental/orthodontic service organizations, announced the rebranding of its recent acquisition, ToothFairy.

The Customer Experience Management (CXM) solution now goes by the brand name Cloud 9 Ignite. Coupled with the announcement of the new name, Cloud 9 unveiled a new logo aligned with the other add-on service logos under the Cloud 9 umbrella, featuring the solution’s name alongside a two-toned flame.

The new name reflects that the product is now part of the Cloud 9 Software suite of service offerings. Cloud 9 senior manager of marketing and demand generation, Blu Nordgren, explained that the word ‘Ignite’ was intentionally selected as a word that wholly encompasses all the things the product can do for a practice.

“With Cloud 9 Ignite, practices can ignite their sales velocity, ignite their brand’s competitive advantage, ignite their team’s passion, and so much more,” said Nordgren.

At its core, Cloud 9 Ignite is a tool for accelerating practice growth. The solution provides users with a unique combination of consumer insights, scripting, guided workflows, alerts, and reporting, which orthodontic and pediatric dentistry teams can use to deliver more impactful, timely interactions with prospective patients.

“Within the orthodontic space, the difficulty in reducing operational costs, improving sales velocity, and meeting patient needs stems from a lack of modern technology and the resources needed to demonstrate value and solve the right problems at the right time,” said Matt Bycroft, Cloud 9 vice president of sales and marketing. “With Cloud 9 Ignite, practices are empowered to generate more revenue, faster and more efficiently, by removing that guesswork from sales pipeline management.”

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