The vTail app allows dental professionals to access representatives from several critical medical supply industries.

The healthcare communications app vTail is expanding into the dentistry arena in the U.S., the company announced.

The vTail app connects healthcare professionals with representatives from the medical technology, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and diagnostics industries.

Dentists typically have less access to manufacturers than hospital systems do. When practices started reopening from the pandemic, new protocols for cleaning and disinfection made it challenging to bring in sales or service professionals.

vTail is free to all healthcare professionals. The HIPAA-enabled app has built-in safeguards that allow clinicians to communicate with companies without sharing their personal phone numbers or receiving unwanted inbound calls or emails.

“Dentistry needs support and time-saving efficiencies, which the vTail app can easily provide. On any given day, a dental office can house upwards of 10,000 individual branded products from hundreds of different manufacturers,” said Michael McCarthy, chief marketing officer for vTail. “We want dental professionals to have an easy, intuitive way to get what they need from manufacturers on a timely basis, without searching for representatives’ business cards.

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