Global Safety First is offering a free sample of N95 RediMask respirators to introduce dental professionals to its comfort-focused design.

Global Safety First is offering a free sample package of 5 NIOSH certified N95 ReadiMask respirators to dental and OSHA compliance professionals.

GSF develops, manufactures, and markets unique disposable safety respirators.

The strapless ReadiMask, manufactured in the United States with all domestic components, uses a gentle, hypoallergenic medical adhesive that seals and protects the wearer.  

The ReadiMask is available in three different sizes, including one specifically designed to fit women better. The strapless design eliminates ear loops and metal nose clips that don’t create a seal.

GSF designed its masks for comfort and said that comfort contributes to better compliance.

“It’s all about the seal.  Look at masks, and it’s obvious they lack the ability to seal,” said John Schwind, GSF chief executive officer, and inventor. “Leaks allow harmful particles to invade through the mouth and nose, a perfect entry for viruses like the coronavirus.”

Photo courtesy of Global Safety First