SprintRay has launched the ProCure 2 post-curing system that it says can cure a night guard in 3 minutes.

SprintRay announced the ProCure 2 post-curing system, designed to reduce the time needed to produce 3D printed dental products for patients.

When combined with SprintRay’s 3D printing products, dental professionals can move from scan to placement in less than 1 hour.

ProCure 2 features 25 times more light power from a custom curing engine to enable its faster curing ability, according to the company.

“Leveraging power, speed, and AI, SprintRay’s Speed to Care ecosystem of innovative 3D printing products are transforming the digital dentistry space,” said Amir Mansouri, PhD, SprintRay chief executive officer and co-founder. “With the new ProCure 2 launched today, dental professionals will be able to compress one week of dental work into one day, delivering a most cost-effective, efficient, and improved chairside experience.”

Photo courtesy SprintRay