Japanese market researcher MyVoice Communications announced the results of its recent survey on oral hygiene. The company conducted a survey of 13,741 people via the Internet from June 1–5, 2006.

The results showed that 30% of the respondents go for regular dental checkups. In terms of frequency, 4.5% get a checkup at least once every 3 months, 9.0% are examined once every 6 months, and 14.8% are examined once a year.

Regarding dental problems, 44.8% of respondents mentioned that they have accumulation of tartar and plaque, 34.4% had tooth pigmentation or discoloration, 32.7% had gum problems, including periodontal disease, and 32.6% had bad tooth alignment and malocclusion.

The respondents reported that they are most concerned about dental caries, bad tooth alignment and malocclusion, and gum problems. When asked what measures they take to relieve those problems, 17.8% said that they use a toothpaste appropriate for their symptoms, 16.9% answered that they go to a dentist or orthodontist, and 45.8% admitted that they don’t do anything special.

[www.japancorp.net, July 6, 2006]