3M Unitek Corp introduces its Clarity SL braces, which are clear, self-ligating braces made of translucent ceramic.

According to the company, Clarity SL braces blend in with the teeth and help teeth move faster. Unlike traditional braces, Clarity SL braces do not need ligatures. Eliminating elastics reduces friction and helps the braces work more efficiently. The intelligent clip mechanism of Clarity SL braces allows the orthodontist to easily insert and remove the wire, reducing chair time.  

“For the first time, adults and children who need braces no longer have to trade off looks or performance to achieve a beautiful smile,” said Anoop Sondhi, DDS, MS, an orthodontist in Indianapolis. “Clarity SL braces are an important new option, especially for teens and adults, who often want less visible braces and to get their braces off as quickly as possible.”

According to the AAO, the self-ligation market grew 40% from 2005 to 2006. Although conventional braces are still a good option, braces without elastic ligatures allow the use of lighter force, which can move teeth into position more efficiently and comfortably, shorten overall treatment time, and may mean fewer and quicker visits for adjustments.  

[3M Unitek Corp, November 5, 2007]