ADA SymptomCheckerAppThe American Dental Association (ADA), Chicago, has launched the ADA® Dental Symptom Checker™ app on its site to provide patients with information about their oral health symptoms. The app is also designed to help patients make better-informed decisions about their oral health, build consumer awareness of the importance of oral health, and recognize the benefits of regular dental visits.

After entering their age and gender in the ADA Dental Symptom Checker app, patients can identify the location of the symptom they’re having and other factors, such as pain or discharge, and read about various conditions that fit that description. The Symptom Checker is not meant to diagnose or replace the role of the dental professional. The app emphasizes the importance of seeing a dental professional for many conditions.

The ADA developed the app in conjunction with an ADA member dentist who is a faculty member at an accredited US dental school. The app was vetted by four ADA councils. In developing, which was launched in June 2012, a symptom checker tool was identified as the top feature requested by consumers.