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American Orthodontics, Sheboygan, Wisc, has launched its PowerScope Class II Corrector – a one-piece, one-size-fits-all appliance that “goes from package to treatment in just seconds,” eliminating lab setup or special band assemblies, the company says.

Designed in conjunction with Andy Hayes, DDS, clinical instructor in the St Louis University Department of Orthodontics, the PowerScope attaches wire-to-wire for quick and easy chairside installation, and features an internal NiTi spring mechanism that delivers 260 grams of force for continuous activation during treatment.

“We set out to develop an appliance that would simplify Class II correction, while also providing savings to the orthodontist both in dollars and in time. PowerScope does all this and more,” said Dan Lopez, product manager for American Orthodontics. “It’s a state-of-the-art appliance in every way.”

Additional features of PowerScope include ball-and-socket joints to maximize lateral movement without compromising patient comfort. The appliance uses a reverse screw thread assembly to minimize screw loosening during treatment, and its fatigue-tested, durable telescoping design won’t disengage, helping to reduce the number of emergency visits.