To help provide a memorable and enjoyable Christmas season for those in need, Chamberlain Orthodontics, Chandler, Ariz, is providing a giving tree for a charitable organization called Save the Family.

Save the Family is a family crisis center that provides homes that help rebuild families and promote self-sufficiency. The center helps children in homeless families by treating the whole family with programs to break the negative cycles of poverty, abuse, and homelessness. Save the Family focuses on assisting the transition of families to financial and emotional self-sufficiency.

According to an article on, a tree has been set up at both of Chamberlain Orthodontics’ Chandler offices. Those who wish to help with this effort are invited to come into the office and take a card from the tree. The item on the tree is something a specific family needs or an item a child has requested. No item costs more than $25.

"Giving of ourselves always makes us feel better, but giving at this holiday season means even more to these families who have so little," said Thomas Chamberlain, DDS. "This is an easy and convenient way to share some of the abundance with which we have been blessed."

Chamberlain said cards on the trees will be up until December 14, although he hopes the tree will be bare long before that time.

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