Orthoease™, North Ogden, Utah, a practice-management software provider for orthodontists, introduces a monthly subscription plan
for Orthoease beginning January 15, 2008. Under the new plan, orthodontists will no longer pay a one-time fee to purchase Orthoease, will not be charged a monthly support fee, and will be informed of free software upgrades as soon as they are made available.

“Our monthly subscription is great for smaller practices and new doctors who just cannot afford to buy practice management software right away,” said Faisal Naveed, CEO of Orthoease.

For orthodontists who purchased Orthoease under its old pay structure, nothing will change. The contracts will remain valid. If they are paid in full, orthodontists will be required to pay only their monthly support fees as indicated in their contracts.

Under the monthly subscription plan, there is no setup fee. Orthoease will provide free initial training with the purchase. Any additional services requested will be billed on a per-hour basis.

[Orthoease, November 27, 2007]