,Chicago, has introduced the Meridian Tooth Chart, which incorporatestraditional Chinese medicine into dentistry. The Meridian Tooth Chartcan be used to diagnose connections between the teeth and larger issuesin the body, according to Kevin Boehm, DDS.

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on having a balanced qi(pronounced "chee"), or energy that flows throughout the body. Intraditional Chinese medicine, these energy channels must remain inbalance or they can set off health problems. Each energy channel, ormeridian, has a specific pathway by which it travels through the body.

The Meridian Tooth Chart shows the relationship between teeth andvarious organs, tissues, and glands in the body. Each tooth is relatedto an acupuncture meridian, and an orthodontist can review overallhealth and wellness by assessing the teeth’s current condition. If thereis a problem with an internal organ, the associated meridian toothcould be causing the problem, according to the company.

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