Sirona Dental Systems Inc introduces the Sirolux F Heliodent DS combination light and x-ray system. By combining the features and functionality of its Heliodent DS intraoral x-ray unit and its Sirolux F operating light into one unit, Sirona now offers practitioners a single, space-saving system for illumination of the oral cavity and digital x-ray image acquisitions at low radiation levels.

The Sirolux F operating light has a fan-cooled bulb to ensure illumination at a color temperature of 5,500 Kelvin—almost indistinguishable from natural daylight. This ensures color-neutral illumination of the treatment area, providing greater accuracy when matching composite shades. Features include removable (autoclavable) handles, motion-sensor activation of main power, a balanced horizontal light pattern, dual intensity settings, and tension-controlled rotation for accurate positioning without drifting.

The Heliodent DS is a compact, ultralight intraoral x-ray unit that can produce film-based or digital exposures using 60kV multipulse (DC) technology. The radiation dose can be reduced up to 90% with digital exposures. The flexible, vibration-damped support arm is available in three lengths, and the multifunctional control knob has clearly recognizable tooth icons and a digital display for exposure times.

According to Andrew McIlveen, marketing manager, treatment centers, for Sirona USA, “This is just another example of Sirona’s ultimate goal to increase operational efficiency for the practitioner, while also simplifying and organizing the operatory. We believe that providing the best possible treatment does not require more space, but rather the most advanced and integrated functionality.”

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