DentalEZ everLight optDentalEZ®, Malvern, Pa, recently introduced an enhanced version of its everLight® LED operatory light, featuring brighter illumination. Conversion kits to upgrade are available for competitive lights as well as existing users of the original everLight.

Specifically, the everLight’s intensity settings are now increased. The low setting has been increased from 8,000 LUX to 15,000 LUX; the medium setting increased from 15,000 LUX to 25,000 LUX; and the high setting increased from 25,000 LUX to 30,000 LUX.

The everLight’s procedural settings have also been enhanced for a “clearer, whiter” light, according to the company. The “A Sun” color match setting has been increased from 5,300 Kelvin to 5,800 Kelvin. The “B Sun/Bulb” operative setting has been increased from 4,300 Kelvin to 4,500 Kelvin.

The everLight is designed as an alternative to halogen-based operatory lights. The LED operatory light provides color-corrected lighting, precise light pattern, and energy efficient features. The everLight has a 30,000-plus hours life expectancy. The everLight uses less than 35 watts of energy. No reflector or fan is required.

The everLight is equipped with nine temperature/intensity settings. In addition, it features a standard third-axis rotation for a number of positioning options. The everLight can also be installed in six mounting configurations.

The everLight comes with a best in its class 3-year warranty, combined with a 6-year warranty on the unit’s engine components (switches, LED driver, and lens).

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