WhipMix_VPM_Mini_Left_w_Bowls_2Whip Mix, Louisville, Ky, has introduced a new Vacuum Mixer, the VPMini. The VPMini has many of the same features as the VPM 2, but is available at a lower cost, according to the company. The VPMini also has a smaller size when compared to the VPM 2, making it ideal for spaces with limited lab space.

The fully electronic mixer is oil-less and maintenance free, according to the company. It holds up to 99 customizable programs. Mixing speeds can be set between 100 and 500 RPM. The vacuum holds Vac-U-Mixer in place for hands-free mixing.

The VPMini works with all VPM 2 Vac-U-Mixers and is available with bench stand or wall bracket.