Dentsply International, York, Pa, has introduced NUPRO Sensodyne Prophylaxis Paste and Sensodyne NUPRO Professional Toothpaste.

According to Dentsply, NUPRO Sensodyne Prophylaxis paste is the firstprophy paste with NovaMin technology and is the only prophy paste thatprovides both stain removal and immediate sensitivity relief. NovaMin(calcium sodium phosphosilicate) clinically has been shown to relievedentin sensitivity by occluding dentin tubules.

Sensodyne NUPRO Professional toothpaste is for at-home use and isdispensed by dentists. The high-fluoride toothpaste, which also featuresNovaMin, helps remineralize teeth, prevent caries, and relievesensitivity.

Both products are dye- and gluten-free.

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