DentsplySirona_In-OvationXDentsply Sirona Orthodontics, Islandia, NY, has introduced GAC’s In-Ovation X, a new self-ligating bracket system. In-Ovation X is the latest addition to the company’s In-Ovation line, and retains the core designs and treatment principles of the In-Ovation platform.

According to the company, the In-Ovation X features a streamlined shape and reduced profile. The occlusal footprint has been reduced and the encased clip mechanism redesigned. A closed gingival bracket base has been incorporated to help mitigate accumulation that can interfere with clip function.

The bracket now features a keyhole opening on the facial surface of the clip for simpler access. It can be opened with a standard scaler. According to the company, the new clip design resists deformation during treatment, prevents unwanted openings, and provides a tactical “click” upon closing.

Featuring an interactive design, the In-Ovation X allows for passive interaction for leveling and aligning, expressive interaction for spacing and rotation, and active interaction for detailing and finishing.

The new In-Ovation X line is manufactured in the company’s Sarasota, Fla, facility.