G&H Wire, Franklin, Ind, introduces a new stainless steel archwire design, the DynamicaTM. The tridimensional archwire is designed to improve incisor intrusion, torque, and retraction. The three distinct arch segments are designed to achieve different treatment objectives.

The anterior segment is a full-sized S3 Stainless Steel segment that engages the centrals and laterals with full expression of bracket preangulations. This segment is offset gingivally, causing intrusive forces on incisors to increase torque.

The intermediate segment is located between the laterals and cuspids, and its dimension rigidly supports the archform in both the horizontal and vertical planes. It may be alternatively positioned incisally for anterior extrusion.

The posterior section is made of XR1TM heat-treated stainless steel. Its undersized dimension allows for free sliding retraction.

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