HOYA ConBio, Fremont, Calif, offers dentists who purchase DioDent Micro 980 soft-tissue lasers a tuition-free introductory laser certification course with Advanced Laser Training, a company dedicated to dental laser education.

"We fully recognize that training is an integral element to ensure success in laser dentistry and are excited to partner with Advanced Laser Training to provide initial training to dentists who want to step up and enhance their practice with laser technology," said Timothy S. Gehlmann, president and CEO of HOYA ConBio. "This new program is intended to provide dentists with an easy, effortless way to fully understand and utilize lasers for optimum patient outcomes and practice growth."

Advanced Laser Training offers basic and advanced laser certification courses year-round throughout the United States.  According to Chris Owens, DDS, owner of Advanced Laser Training, the strategic partnership with HOYA ConBio supports the mission of his organization. "Proper and thorough training is essential to building confidence and expertise in laser dentistry procedures," Owens said. "Our courses are designed to provide in-depth skill-based knowledge that will enable dentists to incorporate lasers effectively and profitably into their practice."

The introductory Soft-Tissue Laser Certification course covers laser physics, safety, and tissue interaction, including specific techniques for laser periodontal therapy. Course graduates will have hands-on training in the set-up, operation, and maintenance of the DioDent Micro 980 laser. They will also be able to diagnose and perform a variety of soft tissue laser procedures, determine which patients are best candidates for laser therapy, and answer the most common patient questions about this technology. The course qualifies for 8 hours of CE credits.