GreatLakes_SmartClickRPEGreat Lakes Orthodontics, Tonawanda, NY, has introduced the SmartClick RPE. According to the company, it features a unique anti-screwing system, auditory feedback, hygienic housing, and telescopic components.

SmartClick RPE’s anti-screwing system is designed to eliminate “backup.” As the screw is expanded, users hear an audible click at each turn, helping to ensure that no partial backup occurs when removing the key. Meanwhile, a slightly beveled hole allows for easier key insertion. In addition, the hole aligns easily for the next activation.

SmartClick RPE’s housing is reportedly designed for maximum hygiene and to prevent the expansion key from passing through the screw and impacting the palate.

Additional features include overlapped telescopic components, included to maximize stability, even at full expansion; laser-welded single-looped arms  for strength and durability; and a laser-marked graduated scale that offers a visual expansion check throughout treatment, assuring clinicians and parents they have fully completed each turn on the expander.

SmartClick RPE is available in 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm sizes.