J. Morita,Irvine, Calif, offers an integration solution for its TDO practicemanagement software.

The TDO software now features cone beam functionality, which allowsusers to access, share, and store 3D images. Morita’s i-Dixel software,which comes standard with all Morita 3D units, has been programmed for adirect connection to the TDO environment.

According to the company, all image types, including 2D x-rays and 3Dimages, can be organized in one system. Selected slice images can betransferred to TDO with a single click of the export icon. The cliniciancan then select the slices of interest, annotate images, and generatereports that can be sent straight from the TDO software.

A number of 3D models are available from Morita’s three product lines,including Veraviewepocs 3D, Veraviewepocs 3De, and 3D Accuitomo. Allunits come standard with i-Dixel software and offer complete, automaticTDO integration.

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