Sirona Dental Systems’ infiniDent, an Internet-based service offered for inLab® and inEos® users, was named one of 2006’s most innovative products for the dental laboratory industry by the Journal of Dental Technology (JDT). 

For its third annual WOW! issue, JDT gathered an independent panel of technicians to help identify the most groundbreaking products available to dental technicians. Determining factors for this year’s list were based on products that exemplify quality and substantially saved time and money. 

“Sirona is extremely pleased that our efforts for CAD/CAM technology have been highlighted by JDT and the laboratory industry for the second year in a row,” says Norbert Ulmer, marketing and sales manager for Sirona’s laboratory division.  “For our infiniDent to be viewed as outstanding among laboratory technicians, who actually use our product in their everyday work, is the highest compliment.”      
Some of the winning features highlighted in the publication were infiniDent’s ease of use, time savings, and increased accuracy.

For more information about infiniDent, visit www.inLab.com

[Sirona Dental Systems, November 29, 2006]