Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products introduces the REACH® ULTRACLEAN™ Toothbrush and Floss. According to the company, REACH ULTRACLEAN Floss is the only flexible dental floss with proprietary MICRO-GROOVES™ technology that removes up to two times more plaque than Glide® floss products* and slides as easily as the leading Glide floss product. The REACH ULTRACLEAN Toothbrush removes more plaque than the leading toothbrush and up to 90% of plaque in places that are hard to reach, according to the company.
The MICRO-GROOVES on the floss flex to adapt to the contours between the teeth, working like a squeegee to grab and remove plaque.
The toothbrush offers the signature REACH angled neck, designed like a dental instrument to clean places that are hard to reach. Multi-level bristles and a dense cleansing tip are designed to thoroughly clean between teeth, behind teeth, and along the gum lines. The toothbrush also features an ergonomic handle with a thumb grip.

The toothbrush will cost $2.99-$3.99 and the floss will cost $3.49-$3.99. 
For more information, contact Johnson & Johnson.