KaVo Dental Introduces the GENTLEray 980 Premium soft-tissue diode laser. According to the company, Proprietary GENTLEpulse Technology reduces thermal stress, virtually eliminates tissue charring, and allows minimal post-operative discomfort. The diode laser features high peak powers designed to decrease treatment time; a water-cooled handpiece, which provides cooling and irrigation to tissue and minimal post-op discomfort; variable pulse, which provides further refinement of energy to tissue; a sterilizable fiber, which may be used multiple times without losing laser energy to the tip; a color touch screen, which clearly defines procedures and can be touched with a wet glove; and on-board tutorials, which are preset with 28 procedures. The portable laser can be used for surgical, antibacterial, and laser whitening procedures. A 2-year standard warranty is included.

For more information, visit www.kavousa.com.

[Kavo Dental, October 14, 2008]