Majestic Drug Company, South Fallsburg, NY, introduces FDA-approved Dentemp® O.S. a one-step dental emergency repair kit. Dentemp OS temporarily allows patients to replace lost fillings and repair loose crowns or caps to provide temporary relief of pain and discomfort.

To temporarily replace a lost filling, the user forms Dentemp O.S. into a ball, presses it firmly into the cavity, then bites down several times to ensure a proper bite. Excess material is then removed and the mouth in rinsed with water.

To temporarily replace a loose or dislodged crown/cap, the user applies Dentemp O.S. to the crown. The crown is then replaced onto the tooth as long as the crown fits properly. Users must wait 1 hour before eating.

Dentemp O.S. is packaged in an airtight reusable vial and is available at drug stores and mass marketers across the United States.

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