Midmark Corp, Versailles, Ohio, has introduce its Sliding Track Monitor Mount, available for both the Integra® dental casework and Artizan® dental furniture cabinets.

The new mount was designed to assist in positioning the monitor on arear cabinet to provide better views of media, including officeschedules, patient charts, and digital x-rays. The ball bearing trackallows the monitor to move from one side of the cabinet to the other, andcan also wrap around the midsection columns so that it can be viewedfrom outside the operatory. The mount also allows the monitor to besuspended above the countertop.

The Sliding Track Monitor Mount features a 180° left/right swivelcapability, an "up and down" tilt feature, and a height mechanism. Themount can accommodate monitors up to 19 inches in size and 15 pounds inweight.

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