Marcia Beck, DDS, MS,of Fremont, Neb, has found a novel way to use spare office space at herorthodontic practice: she has opened a fabric store in it. The store,called “I Love Sewing,” is run by Beck, her relatives, and her staff.

At one time, Beck had thought she would sublet an area in the back of the building, perhaps to another practice, she told the Instead, her family’s love of sewing prompted Beck to find an alternate use for the space.

Initially, Beck and her sister found the practice’s waiting room anideal space to sew quilts for Ugandan orphans as part of a charityproject. There was enough room for tables, ironing boards, and outletsto work on the quilts. That project led the sisters to undertake moresewing projects for the community, including making quilts for membersof the military. Eventually, the fabric store was born.

In addition to the fabric store, Beck uses her office’s waiting room on weekends and some evenings to hold sewing classes.