OMNI Preventive Care, a 3M ESPE Company, introduces Ameseal™ Oral Lesion Relief Spray, which forms a physical barrier that frees your patients from the pain of aphthous ulcers and other small mouth sores for hours. According to the company, the spray forms a film over the oral mucosa and any ulcers or lesions, physically protecting them from contact with acids, foods, and other potential irritants.

The protective covering remains in place for several hours, is alcohol-free, and may be reapplied as needed. In addition to its barrier-forming properties, Ameseal spray provides moisturizing benefits that may favor tissue hydration and aid the healing process.

Each bottle provides up to 100 sprays.

OMNI Preventive Care helps dental professionals implement protocols that help enhance the quality of care and productivity in the dental hygiene department. OMNI provides a broad range of oral preventive care products and services for use in-office and at home. For more information or to set up a staff meeting, visit the OMNI Web site at