PacificNW Orthodontics, Wilsonville, Ore, has found a new way to help the local community. The orthodontic practice donates $250 to the school of each new patient who begins treatment. PacificNW Orthodontics launched the program to become a part of the solution to addressing frequent school budget cuts in the area.

"As we were drawing up our vision for the office, we were thinking how we could be actively engaged in the community and give back to the people who bring us success," Scott Henson, DDS, MSD, PC told The Oregonian.
Henson, who owns the practice, told The Oregonian that the more he read about budget cuts, the more he realized that partnering with the schools would fulfill that vision.
Henson plans to work with local parent-teacher associations to determine how to best distribute the money, but hopes it will go directly toward teacher needs.