Ortho Organizers Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, has introduced OrthoShield Orthodontic Antimicrobial Technology, developed in partnership with AgION Technology Inc, Wakefield, Mass. OrthoShield, which will be incorporated into several products, helps reduce microbial growth on treated surfaces.

AgION’s Antimicrobial Technology consists of a patented delivery process that releases nontoxic, natural silver ions in the presence of moisture. Ortho Organizers’ OrthoShield Orthodontic Antimicrobial products are embedded with silver ions that inhibit microbial growth throughout the life of the product. “AgION’s Antimicrobial compound has been proven effective against a broad range of microbes, yet safe enough for human and food contact, so this is an ideal match for Ortho Organizers’ OrthoShield Orthodontic Antimicrobial products and AgION Technologies,” says Jeff Trogolo, PhD, chief technology officer of AgION Technologies.

AgION Antimicrobial Technology has broad regulatory approval, and its silver-based compound is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, the FDA, and the European Food Safety Authority. “Our new alliance with AgION Technology Inc allows Ortho Organizers to offer innovative products to meet market demand and provide the orthodontic community with a viable alternative in the fight against poor oral hygiene and health and the negative effects that can occur during treatment for orthodontic patients and practitioners alike,” said George Guttroff, President of Ortho Organizers.

For more information, visit www.orthoorganizers.com.