Elexity Systems introduces a patient-communications service that requires no hardware or extra telephone lines to be installed. The system has no contracts, no setup fees, and no customer support fees.

Elexity’s Automated Appointment Confirmation System is installed by downloading the Elexity Concierge onto a computer in your office. Elexity delivers all appointment reminders through its own telephone network and also notifies patients via e-mail. Elexity can be customized so that calls with a personalized message can go out anywhere from a day to a week in advance.

For every call Elexity delivers, it will attempt to connect to the recipient six times (once every 15 minutes) to get that person live or by voice mail. If, after the sixth attempt, the system has been unable to reach the patient, the office is notified. Elexity offers this service on a completely risk-free trial for 4 weeks.

For more information, visit Elexity.