Share A Smile, a southern California-based nonprofit providing orthodontic care to underprivileged kids, will be the first charitable organization featured as part of a new social media campaign designed to inspire people to get involved with nonprofits.

A documentary-style video profile will be the first of a series of “webisodes” produced and distributed by AgendaBe, a nonprofit dedicated to helping charitable organizations tell their story virally using social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

The Share A Smile video features the organization’s co-founders Mike and Kim Robertson, as well as participating local dentists and orthodontists who volunteer their time and skills to provide free orthodontic services to children in need.

To be considered for the Share A Smile program, candidates need to be examined by a participating dentist or orthodontist, who then determines whether major dental/orthodontic services are required to correct a severe malocclusion. Applicants must lack dental insurance or have coverage deemed insufficient to pay for the necessary work over a 2-year period.