KaVo Dental introduces the new GENTLEray® 980 soft-tissue diode laser. According to the company, the laser’s 980-nm wavelength provides the best combination of clean cutting and hemostasis in a wide range of soft-tissue indications.

The patented KaVo handpiece provides individual adjustment of the fiber length. The direct fiber running through the handpiece ensures that the maximum transmission of laser energy reaches the treatment point.
The GENTLEray 980-diode laser system is available in two versions, Classic and Premium. The GENTLEray 980 Classic is a starter unit for new laser users. The Premium, which will be available in the first quarter of 2008, is equipped with additional features such as a water-cooling handpiece and GENTLEpulse® micro-pulse technology. The Classic unit can be easily upgraded to the Premium version.
FDA-cleared indications for the GENTLEray 980 include incision, excision, biopsy, hemostasis of donor sites, and numerous other specific indications for dental soft-tissue procedures. Additional other FDA-cleared indications include pulpotomy as an adjunct to root canal therapy, periodontal indications such as sulcular debridement, and light activating of bleaching materials with the optional bleaching handpiece.
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