Cadent, provider of the OrthoCAD suite of 3D digital solutions for the orthodontic industry, offers several new product upgrades. The upgrades, which will download automatically, include new features to enhance visual demonstrations and bracket repositioning, as well as the ability to track both in-progress and past cases.

The added features and benefits in the software update include the following:

  • OrthoCAD Presentation Tool will enable orthodontists to create and play presentations on the spot to prospective and current patients.
  • “My OrthoCAD” Link opens a browser to OrthoCAD’s online services, allowing users to track the progress of current and previous cases.
  • OrthoCAD iQ Rebracketing Tool provides a quick method of displaying bracket position for any tooth in the patient model, which is helpful for rebracketing and reference purposes.

“Innovation is a trademark of Cadent, and we are pleased to offer new functionality that will provide added operational resources to our customers,” said Eldad Taub, president and general manager of Cadent’s OrthoCAD suite of products. “As the market leader for orthodontic digital modeling, we are committed to helping our customers better diagnose, communicate and treat their cases. These new product upgrades will enable OrthoCAD users to get the job done more efficiently.”

For more information, contact OrthoCAD.