A clinical study from the University of Nebraska , Lincoln , Neb , has found that the Waterpik® Dental Water Jet from Waterpik Technologies, Fort Collins , Colo, can be an effective alternative to flossing.

The 28-day clinical trial, conducted in 2005, included 105 subjects who were randomly assigned to one of three groups: group 1, who brushed and flossed manually; group 2, who brushed manually and used the Water Jet; and group 3, who used a sonic toothbrush and the Water Jet. The subjects were asked to brush for a timed 2 minutes, twice per day. In the evening, the subject used either a Water Jet or dental floss. Subjects were told to refrain from using oral hygiene aids. Data was collected at baseline, at 14 days, and at 28 days.

The results demonstrated that, by day 28, manual toothbrushing in addition to the Water Jet was more than 93% more effective at reducing bleeding on the facial surfaces and 50% better at reducing gingivitis than brushing and flossing on the facial and lingual surfaces.