Chris Kammer, DDS, a Wisconsin dentist, has announced his candidacy for president and is challenging Senators McCain and Obama to a periodontal match which would involve a public charting of their gum health.

“Let the candidate with the healthiest gums win,” said Kammer. “If they can’t control their own gum disease, why would we want them in charge of this great nation?”

“Though it’s as common as the common cold, it is a misunderstood problem with a long list of connections to serious health issues like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, pregnancy complications, and even Alzheimer’s Disease.” said Kammer. His platform calls for educating our nation to desire “Gums of Steel”—a superhero image of healthy gums that don’t bleed.

To stress the importance of oral health, Kammer has orchestrated massive brush-ins with 6,000 people who will brush their teeth simultaneously. During his presidential campaign, Kammer says he will be handing out Dr. Fresh Firefly toothbrushes.

[Campaign Headquarters for Healthy Party America, June 17, 2008]