Financial expert Paul Zuelke, of Zuelke & Associates, West Linn, Ore, has signed a partnership agreement with Acceptx Financial Solutions Inc, Bountiful, Utah, to automate Zuelke’s technique of assessing patient financing risk. The Web-based service will be called the Zuelke Automated Credit Coach (ZACC) and is expected to be available soon.

"Paul Zuelke is the expert at teaching doctors how to use patient financing to increase case acceptance and improve their practice profitability," said Brett Blake, CEO of Acceptx. "Now his proven formula for making better risk assessment, and the coaching instructions he has given his exclusive client base, have been automated and can be accessed in seconds using Web-based ZACC."

"For more than 30 years, I have studied patient financing and worked with some of the finest doctors in the world to perfect the balance between financial risk and the financial rewards available to those practices who can use the credit granting process to increase case acceptance and productivity," Zuelke said. "This new online tool combines years of learning with modern technology and the most up-to-date consumer data (without using inaccurate and misleading credit scores) to help doctors and their staff make patient financing decisions in seconds. It also eliminates the need for human interaction with a credit report and eliminates the risks of having consumer credit information available in a practice."

While pricing for the ZACC has not been finalized, there will be no monthly fees and no monthly minimums. Practices will pay a small fee for each grade requested. Each grade will be available immediately and will be offered with financial coaching and suggestions prepared by Zuelke & Associates.

For more information, call (888) 222-3789.