The AAO has endorsed the International Training Institute’s (ITI) orthodontic staff training program.
“The AAO is pleased to endorse ITI’s staff training program,” said Raymond George Sr., DMD, president of the AAO. “Helping orthodontic staff to develop their skills helps us as orthodontists give our patients the excellent orthodontic results they expect and deserve.”
The ITI program provides training to the orthodontic team with a focus on training the registered orthodontic assistant. The “ITI Knowledge Management System” allows orthodontists to specify the required courses for staff members to take. Through pre-test and post-test measures, orthodontists are able to measure knowledge and document staff members’ learning progress.
Detailed checklists assist learners in transferring newly acquired knowledge to the clinic floor. Several practice-management forms and spreadsheet programs, such as bracket failure analysis, are also available on the ITI Web site to correlate learning to real-world situations.
The ITI system gives orthodontists the ability to create reports on the learning progress of each staff member as well as reports on the knowledge status of the practice as a whole. These measurements can then be compared to a national benchmark.
A free course for patients, “Basic Oral Hygiene,” is available on the ITI Web site.  The link for this course may be added to any Web site for free. 

A free, 5-day trial subscription to the ITI training system is available on the ITI Web site.