AccepTx LLC, Las Vegas, has appointed Brett A. Blake as its president and CEO. Blake recently was recognized as one of the top 100 venture entrepreneurs in Utah and was inducted into the v100. He has been an investor in several early-stage software and health-related companies in the West, and he was chosen as one of four entrepreneurs to present at the Utah Governor’s Summit on Economic Development in 2007.

Jed Feller, DDS, MSD, chairman of the board for Bracket Jackets, LLC (AccepTx’s parent company), said, "As our install base begins to grow, we have reached out to find an experienced executive who is capable of attracting the human and financial resources we will need. Mr Blake shares my broad vision of what this company can become, and he has a track record of leading new initiatives that achieve exceptional results."

AccepTx is an orthodontic case-acceptance software solution. According to the company, the software complements most practice-management systems, enabling orthodontic staff to quickly populate customizable, prebuilt reports during the initial exam process, ensuring that patients are charged fairly and the practice is compensated properly.

"Informal evaluations show that the average practice loses 10% of net income per year from improperly calculated fee schedules," said Feller, who is also a practicing orthodontist. "With AccepTx, you can eliminate those fee-calculation losses, resulting in an extra $15,000 to $75,000 a year in net income."

For more information about AccepTx, visit or call Dawn Ortega at (866) 222-3789.