The webinar examines how OSHA compliance can affect a dental office lease.

Henry Schein Dental Academy is hosting a webinar that examines the connection between OSHA compliance and dental office leases.

OSHA compliance expert Karson L. Carpenter, DDS, and dental office lease negotiation expert Eric Pook will explain the connection and offer advice on how to protect your practice from issues related to compliance.

The webinar will explore ways to optimize a practice for OSHA and CDC’s latest guidance and requirements and how a dental office lease can help.

It will also cover PPE requirements based on levels of transmission on the local community, designing an office for compliance, and protecting your investment.

Lastly, the webinar will look into post-COVID guidance and opportunities in compliance and leasing related to OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard exemptions.

The webinar takes place on December 9, at 8 PM EST.

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