A webinar hosted by Henry Schein Dental Academy explores the critical decision of finding and securing the best location for a dental practice.

Henry Schein Dental Academy is hosting a webinar that offers advice on choosing the right location for a practice.

Eric Pook, president of Cirrus Consulting Group, will examine the crucial decision of finding and securing a good location for a practice.

The webinar looks into the three critical factors when considering the ideal location for success: demographics, the dental office lease, and expansion opportunities. 

Pook will review tips and strategies for winning lease negotiations and share advice on making the most of available opportunities in the dental office leasing market today. 

The webinar will explain how to determine whether buying or leasing is a better option. It will also answer why it’s essential to consider the demographics of your customer base in the overall location search.

Lastly, it will cover what factors to consider when navigating a dental office lease, including the importance of mitigating risk and avoiding costly mistakes.

Registration is currently open for the webinar that takes place on October 29 at 2 PM ET.

Photo 145761332 © Nikolay Antonov