The 2010 European Association of Osseointegration(EAO) Congress will take place October 6 to 9, in Glasgow, Scotland.Dental clinicians and implant specialists from around the world willhave the opportunity to discuss issues and dilemmas they face in dailypractice.

More than 40 speakers and chairs will gather at the 19th annualscientific congress, which will focus on controversies and how to treatthem with knowledge based on scientific evidence. The EAO expects toattract more than 3,000 delegates.

Activities will include multiple parallel sessions, master classes,short oral communications, a poster presentation, EAO Research PrizeCompetitions in Clinical and Basic Research, and a series ofpre-congress "step-by-step" courses. A trade exhibition will runthroughout the conference, and there will be further industry satellitesymposia presented by the main sponsors. The conference will offersimultaneous translation to French, German, Italian, and Spanish.