HenryScheinOrthodontics_Middle_East_Symposium_2018Henry Schein Orthodontics, Carlsbad, Calif, will host its first Carriere® Symposium in Dubai, UAE, November 2 to 3, 2018, at the Habtoor Palace. The Middle Eastern Carriere Symposium will focus on the evidence-based Sagittal First Philosophy, which uses the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance. The symposium will feature the latest tools and technologies to help attendees operate more efficient and productive orthodontic practices, and to raise awareness about solutions that aim to make a difference in patients’ lives.

The Middle Eastern Carriere Symposium will showcase the clinical results of the new Career SLX 3D Complete Bracket System.

Dr Dave Paquette (pictured), Henry Schein Orthodontics’ lead clinical advisor, will serve as program chairman. Confirmed speakers for the event include Dr Khaled Hazem Attia, who will give a lecture titled “SAGITTAL FIRST with Passive Self-Ligation: A Combination for Success”; Dr Francesco Garino, whose lecture is titled “Hybrid Aligner Therapy: Shorter Treatment Times and Become More Efficient”; Dr John Graham, who will present two lectures, one titled “The Carriere Motion 3D Appliance: How It Changed My Practice,” and a second titled “Digital Workflow: A New Era of Orthodontic Planning, Problem Solving, and Patient Education; and Dr Bruce McFarlane, who will lecture on “The Benefits of Achieving a Class I Platform in Mixed Dentition.”

Dr Luis Carrière is the event’s keynote speaker, and will focus on evidence-based clinical solutions for the treatment of complex Class II and Class III cases during his lectures.

“Innovations in our profession are ranging from equipment and material to treatment concepts that positively impact every aspect of how we achieve consistent clinical excellence while enhancing the patient experience,” says Carrière. “Therefore, it is crucial to be open to new concepts, participate in regular training, and exchange knowledge and best practices with experts. With simple, bonded biomimetic devices, such as Motion 3D Appliances, together with the Sagittal First Philosophy—a new treatment paradigm that enables a doctor to correct Class I occlusion at the beginning of treatment—orthodontists can reposition the mandible, expand the airway, and balance the relationship between the nose, upper and lower lips, and chin, for facial harmony—either for Class II or Class III cases. This results in a non-invasive approach to facial balance that greatly reduces extractions and surgery and thus the need of interdisciplinary therapy for the good of patients. I am convinced that orthodontists play a critical role in improving the lives of patients.”