The virtual event is designed to show how informative, entertaining content can be applied to orthodontic practices, as well as the best ways to achieve optimal work-life balance.

Henry Schein Dental will host ThriveLIVE 2021 on Friday, May 21, 9:00 am PST. The virtual event is designed to give all dental professionals a fresh opportunity to “laugh, lunch and learn.” It’s a free, 1-day event that aims to provide a unique experience, featuring informative, and entertaining content that can be applied to dental practices, as well as enhance best practices for everyone to achieve an optimal work-life balance.

There are two start times available for attendees to choose from so that they’ll be ready at lunch time for celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani (Bravo’s “Fan Favorite”). He’ll teach participants how to create two gourmet meals to nourish the mind and body.

Orthodontist David Ostreicher, DDS, MPH, MS, is among the list of invited guest speakers. He has published dozens of articles on the dental industry and health, and served as editor of For Dentists Only, a scientific dental journal. His books, Brush Your Teeth! and Other Simple Ways to Stay Young and Healthy and 7 Reasons to Straighten Your Teeth, are available at In addition to his speaking engagements with Henry Schein Orthodontics, Ostreicher is also a speaker for the National Bone Health Alliance.