Guest speaker Jill Hasselmann will teach attendees how to hire so they don’t have to fire.

The next Henry Schein webinar will focus on the hiring and onboarding process necessary to build a strong team. Titled Use Them or Lose Them: How to Retain Top Talent,” the webinar will be held Tuesday, May 4, 6:00 pm ET.

According to research, companies with strong onboarding processes improve their new hire retention by 82%.
In the dental profession, having the ability to retain your existing team members is crucial. Guest speaker Jill Hasselmann will cover the key pieces of the hiring and onboarding process that is necessary to build strong, long-lasting relationships with employees and prevent employee lawsuits. 
This webinar will explain the crucial order of hiring and background checks, and why one has to come before the other; what should and should not go into a job posting; and the number one thing that a practitioner or dental practice manager should never ask a candidate in an interview.
Dental providers will learn how to hire so you don’t have to fire. The goal is to also equip dental practitioners with employment attorney approved tips and tricks to hire the best talent; help participants avoid unintentionally putting the practice at risk again once it becomes clear what you can and cannot ask in an interview; and learn how to apply a hiring process for their practice to ensure new hires are welcomed and set up for success.

There is no CE credit offered for this webinar.