Midmark Corp,Versailles, Ohio, has launched its “New Experience in the DentalOffice” program. A part of the Midmark Emerge Stronger™ AdvancedEducation Series, the program focuses on the key elements in asuccessful dental practice, including space maximization, ergonomics,and staff empowerment.

Held at the Midmark headquarters in Ohio, the program consists of twointeractive educational courses, “We Live in a New Reality: Are YouReady to Thrive?” and “Office Design: Concepts for Today’s EffectiveOffice.” In addition, attendees meet one-on-one with industry expertsand tour the Midmark plant.

The company held its first program last month. Dentists and dealerrepresentatives participated in both courses and one-on-one discussionswith guest speakers. Speakers included Pat Carter, DDS, and Jeff Carter,DDS; and Michael Kesner, DDS, president and CEO of Quantum LeapSuccess.

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