The dates for the new session of JSOP (Just Short of Perfect)—a practice and clinical management course for orthodontists—have been announced. The JSOP 34 course is set to begin September 27, 2018.

JSOP is a 1-year course, consisting of three sessions led by Ron Roncone, DDS, MS, at his practice and training facility in Vista, Calif.

The course covers everything from the business of orthodontics, to in depth training of the Roncone philosophy, the PhysioDynamic System, and marketing and communications specific to an orthodontic practice. During the course, attendees take a detailed look at their individual practices, and find areas of improvement with the aim of creating a more efficient, profitable business.

JSOP, which is sponsored by Forestadent, follows a Six Sigma approach to orthodontics, which dictates that processes are continuously analyzed to find areas of improvement to achieve measurable and quantifiable returns. For example, by making what seems like an insignificant change in your schedule, you can see added revenue to the practice.  Throughout the course, Roncone provides an extensive overview of small changes in the practice that make a huge difference in the bottom line.

Roncone has graduated over 600 orthodontists worldwide since the first JSOP session.

Matt Bauer, DMD, MS, a JSOP Grad, of Cottleville, MO, said, “Dr Roncone’s knowledge of dental physiology, combined with his understanding of the full capabilities of current materials, has produced a truly amazing system. The PhysioDynamic System has simplified my mechanics, reduced my wire inventory, cleared up my schedule, and drastically reduced overall treatment times.”

*Article updated to correct course dates.