Wired For Success,a fully funded 2-day educational seminar for orthodontic residents, hasadded Chicago as its third seminar location for 2011. Wired For Successseminars, which are sponsored by orthodontic companies, provide expertsthat teach residents topics including the business side of marketingand running an orthodontic practice, office designs, and equipmentoptions.

For 2011, Wired For Success seminars will be held in Florida,California, and Illinois, with a maximum of 50 residents at eachlocation. Wired For Success is funded by corporate sponsors includingAmerican Orthodontics, Boyd Industries, Hu-Friedy Instruments, KodakDental Systems, and Treloar & Heisel Inc. The corporate sponsorshipallows the seminars to be free for residents, who can sign up on a firstcome, first served basis. Residents in their final year have priorityover other attendees.

According to Bruce Livingston, president of Boyd Orthodontics and thefounder of the seminars, "Topics such as Practice Transitions and LifePlanning, Making Sound Staffing Decisions, and Operating a Practice in aTurbulent Economy are just a few of the presentations that benefitresidents nearing graduation. The format at all three venues is verysimilar, with business experts from a variety of backgrounds sharinginsights into managing a private practice."

The East Coast Wired For Success seminar will be February 18 to 20,2011, at the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in Clearwater, Fla. The West Coastseminar will be March 4 to 6, 2011, at the Laguna Cliffs Resort in DanaPoint, Calif. New for 2011 is the Midwest seminar, scheduled for Aug 19to 21 at the Marriott Downtown in Chicago.

For more information about attending one of the Wired For Success seminars, contact Kim Damrow.