When Cambridge Pine City Orthodontics opened in 1983, it was designed to be a mirror of the surrounding community. Situated in the north woods of Minnesota, the practice is surrounded by a lush, natural landscape. Colorful maple trees and sturdy pines confetti the area with warm seasonal colors while the Rum River flows steadily nearby.

The office resides in Isanti County, an area of Minnesota that was originally settled by lumberjacks from New England who migrated west with their families in search of fresh trees to harvest, according to the Isanti County Office.

Design_CambridgePine_2When Cambridge Pine City Orthodontics was built 33 years ago, the décor of the family-owned practice was obvious—it would resemble a log cabin. “The reason behind the cabin theme to begin with was to embody the warm, home, family feel of the community,” explains Matthew Sievers, DDS, MS, current owner of the practice.

In 2010, Sievers came on board at the practice as an associate under the founding practitioner, Bradley Videen, DDS.

Looking back, Sievers explains that it was the décor of the office that led him to pursue the opportunity of working at the practice. “When interviewing with potential partnerships, I was impressed by Videen, not only for his talents as an orthodontist and business owner, but how, through the look of his office, he created a space that felt like home for patients,” Sievers adds. “The space has a sense of fun and belonging—it’s similar to the type of cabin you would want to vacation in.”

Beginning in 2010, Sievers worked closely with the resident orthodontist, the staff, and patients for 3 years. And, in 2013, he became the sole owner of the practice.

“We strive to retain that warm feeling of home in our office,” Sievers notes. “From the minute you walk through the door, you get the feeling you’ve walked into a space that’s calming and familiar.”

Design_CambridgePine_5From the receiving area to the treatment bay, the practice is adorned with wooden timbers—some affixed with faux chips and mud. Earth colored exposed limestone, sheepskin lighting, and a spalted birch wall covering set a rustic and relaxed tone as the warm browns and tans of the color palette flow seamlessly throughout the space.

In the years since Sievers has been the sole orthodontist in the practice, he’s intertwined some fun quirks to the space that represent his personality and the fun the team exhibits each day. For example, a life-sized beaver carved of wood greets patients as they enter the office—with its large wooden teeth projecting forward, new arrivals can’t miss the fact that the statue is fitted with its own set of braces.

“I particularly love the ‘tree’ in the reception area,” Sievers adds. “It’s actually a utility pole that is wrapped in birch and decorated with lights. It’s a great way to disguise an unsightly utility piece, while at the same time making it work within the overall tone of the space.”

Design_CambridgePine_4While cabins—or in this instance, cabin-themed spaces—sometimes conjure images of dark, staunch, closed-in environments (hence the term cabin fever), that is certainly not the case for Cambridge Pine City Orthodontics. As Sievers explains, the floor plan is fitted with a large bay area that allows patients to move freely through the office. Additionally, the accent colors throughout the practice were kept light, helping to make the space feel larger and more airy.

“The interior of our office is what defines us,” Sievers adds. “The comforting environment patients see when they first walk through the door sets the tone.”

Design_CambridgePine_1When mirroring nature’s beauty, it’s difficult to develop a time-stamp; nature will never become outdated or go out of vogue. The interior of Cambridge Pine City Orthodontics was designed to give homage to the natural landscape of the surrounding Minnesota woodland communities. At the same time, Sievers and team have developed a place of calm for patients to retreat, if even for an hour at a time.

It’s rough. It’s rustic, and it’s the perfect motif for this busy office. The natural beauty that surrounds the practice, and the tone that’s been adapted within, invites patients and families to take a step back and relax. OP

Lori Sichtermann is a freelance writer for Orthodontic Products. She can be reached at [email protected].