Sunbit and Overjet announced a new partnership to leverage the companies’ fintech and AI image analysis technologies.

Financial technology company Sunbit and Overjet, provider of dental AI for X-ray analysis and clinical insights, announced a new partnership.

Overjet’s AI-powered insights help dentists diagnose and patients better understand their treatment needs. Sunbit’s technology makes treatment more accessible by offering patients access to the best possible payment terms, without fees, and a fast approval process.

“Patients experience better outcomes by being able to get the treatments they need, and patients often accept treatment plans faster and more consistently when fair and accessible financing is available,” said Robert Nunziato, head of strategic alliances at Sunbit. “It is no coincidence that our two technology-forward companies offer better outcomes to more practices and patients together.”

Sunbit’ financial technology is already in more than 9,000 practices and is adding more than 500 practices per month, according to the company.

Overjet’s FDA-cleared AI technology analyzes X-rays to detect decay, quantify bone level measurements, and identify other indicators of disease. By adding color and measurements, the AI technology makes it easier for patients to see what their dentist sees so they can make an informed decision about their dental care.

“We were looking for a partner with an established footprint, an impressive growth trajectory, and advanced financing technology because these factors help the most patients better afford the treatments surfaced through our X-ray analysis,” said Wardah Inam, chief executive officer and founder of Overjet. “Sunbit was the obvious choice. Dental practices and DSOs using Sunbit technology have already seen up to a 150% increase in patient approval rates.”

Moving forward, Overjet and Sunbit will work together to educate offices about the benefits of adopting and combining their technologies to help improve care and experience throughout the patient journey.

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