Everyone benefits when your orthodontic practice institutes a comprehensive, ongoing staff training program. Your office will run more smoothly, patients will receive the best possible care, parents will value your excellent service, team members will appreciate the career development opportunities you’re providing, and you’ll bring in more revenue.

When designing your staff training program, consider two types of activities: In-house training sessions and off-site training opportunities.

In-House Training Sessions

Sometimes spontaneous and sometimes carefully planned and scheduled, training at your office can take many forms. These include:

  • Simple “shadowing” of an experienced team member by another who needs to increase her knowledge and capabilities
  • Role-playing exercises, conducted during monthly or special meetings to introduce new systems, train new employees, or help staff sharpen their interpersonal skills
  • Presentations, workshops, and lunch-and-learns conducted by manufacturers’ representatives
  • Impromptu lessons by you and other staff members to address immediate needs that arise in the course of the day
  • Formal instructional sessions, including webinars, led by management consultants or other outside experts

Off-Site Training Opportunities

Some of the most valuable staff training available will be offered only at locations other than your office. In some cases, these resources will be local. Others will require your team members to travel. These off-site activities include:

  • Certificate programs offered by local schools or professional organizations
  • Highly focused courses and workshops offered by schools and consulting firms
  • Seminars and other educational events designed to improve staff skills

Just as continuing education has been recognized as essential for orthodontists, CE for staff—ranging from spur-of-the-moment hallway conversations to formal multicourse school programs—has become a necessity for ensuring that orthodontic staff members have the requisite skills to serve your patients and your practice well.

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